4 September 2017

BSMGP Touring Conference to Leicestershire & Rutland– September 2017

Five of our staff have recently returned from a successful annual touring conference, organised by the BSMGP. During this four day event approximately 50 delegates were chauffeured by coach to visit the stained glass gems in and around Leicestershire and Rutland. There was a broad range of top quality glass on offer, with an emphasis on Arts & Crafts glass, notably that of Theodora Salusbury (1875-1956) at All Saints Church, Newtown Linford. The glazing scheme attributed to Gaylon Hone (active 1492-1526) in the chapel at Withcote, and the adjacent house were tremendously atmospheric. We are grateful to Derek Hunt for opening up his workshop for the BSMGP contingent; it was very enjoyable, and he made everyone feel very welcome. A major highlight was the wonderfully decorative glass at Groby, by Leonard Walker (1877-1964). Manufactured in the mouth-blown slab and pressed slab method, distinct colour variations were achieved to marvellous effect. So entranced were HWG by this window we have offered to clean it for free when next passing! The atmosphere throughout the conference was very convivial, it was a pleasure to be in such good company.