Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh, Suffolk

Environmental Protective Glazing

The project involved the incorporation of delightful figurative medieval tracery panels rescued from long term storage, into a partial protective environmental glazing system, as well as the installation of small traceries in an internally ventilated environmental protective glazing system (EPG).

At HWG many large projects have required either internally, or sometimes externally vented EPG.  A discrete, partially ventilated system can be a preferred alternative, as in this case of the panels rescued from storage for Blythburgh.   In this system the small individual sections of historic glass were fixed on-site into slender pre-fabricated bronze frames, set inside the building, attached to the main quarry glazing, and fixed firmly into tie bars which are set into the stonework.  The new quarry glazing in cylinder glass was fitted into the original glazing groove on the existing original (probably medieval) refurbished lug bar system.  Through variation in design and approach to EPG, HWG avoid any tendency to adopt a ‘one size fits all’ solution, whereby an identical system is employed for all situations.  The best results are achieved through collaboration with clients, conservation architects, and statutory bodies with the common desire of designing ever-improving systems which are as discreet as possible and, crucially, tailored to each church or building.

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