Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh


Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh, Suffolk.

Job specification – the conservation and reinstallation of important medieval tracery lights to nave aisle window sIX.  

This project involved the reinstatement of a number of medieval tracery panels to the church that were removed up to 75 years ago.  They were conserved, together with other contemporaneous tracery panels extant in the church, and installed together as a set in the nave aisle window sIX.  The repairs to the glass fabric have been minimal and sympathetic, using mechanical and reversible techniques that do not compromise the integrity of the fabric.
The glass is of a very high quality, with beautifully painted figures; typical of the Norwich school of painting. Developed in the 15th century, it displays extensive use of white glass and silverstain, and great delicacy of detail.  This combination results in the much admired subtle silvery light which is typical of East Anglian church interiors lit through glass of this period.  As a survival it is historically significant.

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